2015 New Year Web Special: $3500 Customized Site

A Genuine Website Special

How it Works (for only $3500)

What We're Offering

The Website Special is designed to give you a quality, basic website.

Sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles. Often small businesses just need help putting together a simple website that fills basic needs. However, big agencies aren't interested in helping the little guys. Navigating Squarespace or Wordpress on your own can be intimidating and often the end result is disappointing. The Real McCoy is coming to the rescue!

The Road to a New Site!

Choose 1 of 3 Beautiful Designs


Select Colors


Provide Branding Materials & Content


Enjoy a Professional New Site!



How We're Accomplishing It

TRM has identified the essentials most small businesses need in a website. Then we created an efficient process to quickly build a site that fills these requirements. And voilĂ !

There will be opportunities to add more features to the site if your business needs a few of the extras. Or, you can always build upon the site in the future. Sometimes you just need a starting point. Regardless, TRM is here to help.

Learn more about The Real McCoy on our main website, therealmccoystl.com

The Specifics

What TRM provides & What You Need

  • TRM Provides

  • No. 1 WordPress Theme

    Small Customizations available

    TRM will supply 3 designs from which to choose. Once 1 has been selected, colors can be changed to match branding standards. TRM will also integrate you're existing logo if you have one.

  • No. 2 WordPress SetUp

    Small Customizations available

    Once the theme has been selected and customized, TRM will set up a WordPress site with the following elements: Home page, Contact page w/ form, 3 additional content pages (i.e "About Us", "Services", "Testimonials").

  • No. 3 Free 1yr Hosting & Domain

    total value = $135

    The site will be hosted by The Real McCoy FREE for 1 year ($120 value), along with FREE 1 year registration of a domain ($15 value).

  • You'll Need

  • Brand Colors No. 1

    Don't have this? Add-on TRM service available

    You will need to be able to provide TRM with the colors for the theme. Ideally, you already know what colors match the rest of your marketing content.

  • Logo Files No. 2

    Don't have this? Add-on TRM service available

    The website special doesn't include creating a logo for you're company. So you'll need to provide us with logo files (preferably in a vector format).

  • Written Content & Photography No. 3

    Don't have this? Add-on TRM service available

    Quality content is important to any website. TRM is available to help you identify what content you need, but the Website Special doesn't include our copywriters creating any for you. Also, you'll need to supply any necessary photography.

Additional Services

TRM has more to offer

Be sure to check out TRM's regular website for more comprehensive listing of services. The below services are NOT included in the $3500 website special, but can be added for additional costs.


Strong Foundation

A quality Mission statement is often overlooked by small businesses. However, a strong mission helps craft intent, voice, and adds clarity to your brand. TRM can help define the Mission & integrate it into marketing.


Be Recognizable

A logo sets you apart from the competition. It's the cornerstone for every piece of marketing material and is an invaluable tool for any company. TRM designers are waiting to help you stand out from the crowd.


Effective Voice

Quality beats quantity every time. It's not about the word count; it's about what's being said. Strong content makes your site more engaging, and boosts search engine visibility.

Social Media


Social Media is a big investment of time, but it's a great way to connect with consumers and drive traffic to the website. TRM can craft a strategy for you or help manage your accounts.


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